Stone Town

Staying at The Swahili House means traveling back in time in historic Stone Town; as you wander amongst the souk-like alleys you will see a fusion of Omani, Persian, African and European cultures. Children peer from behind ornate carved studded teak doors. Tread where explorers such as Speke, Livingstone, and Burton once walked. From the ancient steady mosques to the tiny stalls selling crafts, antiques, clothes, bags, jewelry, sculptures, paintings and material…. Mingle in the markets weaving between piles of Zanzibar’s famous spices: cardamon, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, and of course cloves.

The main attractions to visit in historic Stone Town:

– Darajani Market
– Old Slave Market
– National Museum
– High Court
– Old Dispensary

– House of Wonders
– Old Fort
– Tippu Tip’s House
– Livingstone’s House
– Former English Gentleman’s Club

The Swahili House is centrally located in the historic old town. All the main attractions are well within walking distance or a guided tour can be booked at the front desk.